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When we think of America's heartland, we sometimes think of life as it was years ago. In the heartland, people still know one another, relationships endure from one generation to the next, people ask how you're feeling, and they talk about the weather.

Heartland Ham Company, best known for its honey-glazed, spiral-sliced ham, has helped people from coast to coast share in that same sense of community that continues to live and thrive in America's heartland. Heartland Ham Company cares about making your get-together a truly special time for your family and friends. Thousands of Americans each year trust Heartland Ham Company to provide them with the finest-quality hams in the market for their special mealtime experiences. Although our honey-glazed, spiral-sliced ham is most often part of your Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, our mouth-watering products are able to make any meal memorable!

Heartland is a family-owned specialty-meat business that has always operated with the greatest of care and with a commitment to maintaining exceptional quality standards. Although our product line is ever increasing, that same quality standard is still as true today as it was the day we made our first honey-glazed, spiral-sliced ham. We still use the same 100% pure honey, the same secret spices, and the same attention to detail that we have used from the beginning.

Thank you for placing your trust in us by allowing our family to be at least a small part of your family. Please know that we at Heartland Ham Company work to assure our products will always be to your satisfaction. So browse through all our delicious product selections and enjoy the convenience of making a secure online purchase. Happy shopping!



Products available for local pick up at Traditions Restaurant in Tyler.

For more exclusive catering options, visit our friends at Corazon Catering.

Heartland Ham Company • 6205 South Broadway, Tyler, Texas (inside Traditions Restaurant)
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